INTERACT Non-Profit Association
Who we are
INPA is an INTERACT initiative. INTERACT is a network of 89 terrestrial field bases scattered across all Arctic countries and in adjacent northern alpine areas. INTERACT member stations annually host thousands of researchers from around the world and is seen as a major terrestrial research infrastructure network in the North with global recognition.

INPA offers the INTERACT Stations a long term sustainable platform to continue to play a major global role to build capacity for research and monitoring throughout the Arctic.
What you can do
Where we work
INPA is a circumarctic network of cold region research stations. Located in the Arctic and adjacent boreal and alpine areas, INPA has member stations in 10 countries/regions: Alaska, Austria, Canada, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Poland, Svalbard, Sweden.
The purpose of INPA is to support the use and operational procedures of infrastructures in Arctic, sub-Arctic, boreal and alpine regions, to support research and scientific development in the field of climate change and environment, and to increase general awareness about these topics within the general public and among politicians and decision makers.

What we do
To achieve the purpose, the main objectives of INPA are to improve international cooperation, to coordinate resources and research initiatives, to provide access to members’ infrastructures, to improve infrastructures’ operation and to financially support research and monitoring focusing on the Arctic, sub-Arctic, boreal and alpine areas and its global implications.
Specifically we aim to:
▪ support and facilitate research groups to access research stations in Arctic, sub-Arctic, boreal and alpine regions
▪ support and facilitate the networking of these research stations to improve sharing of data, experience, standardized observations and human capital
▪ provide a one stop shop for the Arctic in particular, accessible to the global science community including researchers, scientific programs, networks and organizations
▪ make politicians, local residents and Indigenous People and other influential persons aware of climate change and environmental issues in the Arctic, sub-Arctic, boreal and alpine regions
▪ support education at all levels both at home institutions and in the field
▪ other (e.g. interact with similar organisations in related environments such as mountain areas of the world and the Antarctic)
Contracted activities
Arctic Passion
Arctic PASSION, (Pan-Arctic observing System of Systems: Implementing Observations for societal Needs’) is a consortium of 35 partners from 17 countries, and it aims to enhance integration of international environmental observing systems for the Arctic.
This project is the co-creation and implementation of a coherent, integrated Arctic observing system: the ‘Pan-Arctic Observing System of Systems - pan-AOSS’. It aims to overcome known flaws in the present observing system by refining its operability, improving, and extending pan-Arctic scientific and community-based monitoring. INPA will contribute with environmental data from 10 research stations.
Mission driven activities
These activities are those proposed and agreed in INTERACT Non-Profit Association’s Statutes and and detailed in the INPA Action Plan.
INPA’s Ambassador activities
Members and Board members will represent INTERACT in different organizations and at different meetings and conventions.

Increasing public Awareness
INPA will make politicians, local residents and Indigenous People and other influential persons
aware of climate change and environmental issues in the Arctic, sub-Arctic, boreal and alpine
regions and the importance of long-term sustained infrastructure such as INPA.

Translation of INTERACT publication
To maximize the outreach and the availability of educational resources, INPA will translate existing priority INTERACT products into various languages as well as contributing to new publications.

Proposal writing for specific Call
When the possibility to apply for funding from different national and international Agencies arises, INPA will allocate effort for the activities. Full transparency will be applied regarding selection process among the different member stations by using specific guidelines developed and approved by the General Assembly.

Access Call and Management
When possible, complement TA Calls in INTERACT.
Day-to-day Coordination activities
These activities ensure the efficient and continuous operation of performing the agreed activities of INPA.
Networking and Communication
Networking within INPA will be done through online and physical meetings (e.g. Board meetings, General Assemblies), the INPA website, and through social media and emails.

Fundraising activities will include developing a landing page on the website and direct mailing to “Friends of INTERACT”, and a fundraising event.

Association management and accounting
How we work
Supporting members are individuals, organizations, donors or funders that would like to be member of INPA.
Terry Callaghan, the founder of INTERACT, is a member of the Board in his capacity as Honorary President of INPA.
A Board of Directors is elected by the members of INPA. The board is responsible for the activities of INPA with the aim to ensure compliance with its purpose.
The Association Staff runs the day-to-day activities of INPA
Association’s Members are legal entities that run a scientific research station in Arctic, sub-Arctic, boreal or alpine areas and is the highest decision making body within INPA.
How funds are spent?
INPA is a non-profit association. Funds can be spent on “Mission driven activities”, “Contracted activities” and “Day-to-day Coordination activities” in line with the INPA Statutes.
"Mission Driven activities" are tasks that will be carried out depending on the availability of raised funds. These activities are those proposed and agreed in the INTERACT Non-Profit Association’s Statutes and recorded in the internal documents.

"Contracted Activities" are granted projects where a number of INPA's members (stations) are involved.

“Day-to-day Coordination activities" consist of a set of activities needed to ensure the efficient and continuous operation of performing the agreed activities of INPA. They require a minimum amount of funding to be performed, which should be mainly covered by the Association’s Member Fees and Contracted Activities overheads.
INPA GA Meetings Minutes
INPA Statutes